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Welcome everyone this is
monthy/weekly newsletter

whenever I get a chance to write.

Well I have wrote you this letter today to tell and show you what I am working on this month of january, 2009.

I will be updating this page frequently to show everyone what i'm doing at this time. So please check back soon to see more. Im sitting in my drawing chair looking at my project contimplating wich colors to use. I'm listening to loreena mckennitt. The kids are at school and i hear nothing, oh so sweet. Thats how my day begins. I'm not very good at writing or grammer so forgive me of my faults and mistakes.


So here we go, I have started working on a picture that my friend took a while back of a car where she lives. Her name is tiffany h. She's a very funny lady that Igot to know doing scrapbooking. She always made fun of me for being the only guy in the class. but anyway, she showed me this picture and I had to have it. She so nice. tiffany is a proffesional photogragher. She has her own business called Aspenwhisper studios. Her site is @ You should vist her, she does really nice photography as you can see. I thought that this was a great picture of a old royal windsor car. I dont know how old this car is, but its old.

photo of car


I have started sketching out this picture, trying to get all the line correct by drawing lines on the paper so i have a reference for some of the curves on the front of the car. My teacher in junior hightaught me this method. Some people might say that drawing lines on the picture is cheating, but I had to do this on this one so I can get the lines right, on the the front of the grill.. So to all you that say that this is cheating well I dont care. I cheated. I figure its not, becuase you still have to draw the line in each square. this picture took me about 8 hours to get this sketch done. I went to my trailer and drawn this last weekend. I have a 25' camper trailer with 2 slides. Me and my family love to camp alot, so last year in feb of 2008 we bought this new camper. I like to go there and draw because there is no kids. For those of you who dont know, I am a stay at home dad. I take care of my two kids tristen and reanna full tim,e that is my job. My wife makes the money to pay the bills. Angela is my wife she is somewhat supportive of my work as long as im making money. Well enough of my rambling got to go . I have to get back to work before my wife thinks im not doing anything. Dont want to hear her bitch at me. By the way im coloring this in colored pencil.

photo of drawing